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Happy Thursday.

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Literary Birthday - 28 July

Happy Birthday, Beatrix Potter, born 28 July 1866, died 22 December 1943

Five Quotes

  1. All outward forms of religion are almost useless, and are the causes of endless strife… . Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest. 
  2. Most people, after one success, are so cringingly afraid of doing less well that they rub all the edge off their subsequent work.
  3. I cannot rest, I must draw, however poor the result, and when I have a bad time come over me it is a stronger desire than ever.
  4. I hold that a strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations.
  5. I am aware these little books don’t last long even if they are a success.

Potter was an English author, illustrator, natural scientist, and conservationist. She was famous for her children’s books featuring animals such as those in The Tale of Peter Rabbit. After she married at 47, she focused on her personal life, her husband, preserving the natural landscape, and raising sheep.

by Amanda Patterson for Writers Write

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Children’s Illustrators: Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter, most known for her story of Peter Rabbit, was born in 1866 in England. She grew up rather isolated with an early talent in drawing and painting, though it wasn’t until she was in her late 30’s that became a successful author and illustrator, writing tales about animals. Potter also devoted research to natural science.
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Beatrix Potter did way more than write children’s books.

Sources: V&A, Linnean, Scientist, AU Fungi

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Enigma is timeless. Discovered their music twenty years ago, and I still love it. 

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I went to london to see the crucible with my sister at the old vic. it was amazing.The story is so intense and the scenery is brillant. The sound design and light how the actors moved around the cricle stage, a very great performance. 
At the end of the play Mr Armitage was so kind to come and sign autographs and to take pictures with the audience. I told him i came all the way from france and he replied ” merci beaucoup”. What a night. 
( first time i like my face on a picture XD)

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Shit’s about to go down.

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The cast and producers of Downton Abbey Season 5 greet photographers at the TCA Press Tour in Los Angeles.

Rahoul Ghose/PBS

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Tribute to Steve Irwin, a guy who genuinely loved nature and animals.

This man was beyond real

R.I.P. Miss watching him and Terri on TV. 

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the hobbit: desolation of smaug + scenery

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America in one gif

omg the eagle exploding it

How the fuck did they get a bald eagle to wear a suit AND fist bump Steven Colbert


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Cast Love: Sean Astin & Elijah Wood

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Request: Jeeves in drag.

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Still a fucking cool video, all these years later. Great song.

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